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    Dampstick® is a leading product in its class and fully compliant with CLP and REACH Legislation!

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Dampstick® is the leading product in its class that is fully compliant with CLP and REACH Legislation.
It is a cost-effective solution to protect goods from the damaging effects of water vapour, during storage and transportation.

The Dampstick® is a unique container desiccant system which prevents condensation, damp and corrosion from occurring by absorbing humidity from the air before it can condense and settle on your valuable items. As the Dampstick ® Crystals absorb humidity, the resulting liquid is deposited into the bottom of the pole, holding in excess of 2 Litres of liquid in what is regarded a sealed unit.

Stage 4Unwrap the Dampstick®, pull out the hanging hook…

Stage SevenHang it up and leave to collect any damp and condensation…
Stage TenWhen full, simple drain liquid and dispose of the Dampstick

Where does the airborne moisture come from?

Well Primarily it is already in the AIR and of course everything organic has moisture in it, paper, and more especially cardboard has loads! Fabrics, Materials, Books, Soft Furnishings, Bedding, Mattresses, Carpets, Wooden Pallets, and your breath generates a lot (think, cave paintings, in a dry stable atmosphere they lasted thousands of years, then they get discovered, the public  go and look at them, and they start deteriorating).

What about ventilation and air flow?

Yes if sufficient air is allowed to flow around your goods and its dry and not wetter than the air its replacing there is a modicum of control, but how do you get that balance and if the air is from outside it can be wetter on some days than the air its replacing and it may not condensate, but it will make all the materials that can absorb that moisture damp!

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