Dampstick® is a cost-effective solution to protect goods from the damaging effects of water vapour during storage and transportation. It is a unit that has a built-in desiccant solution that absorbs moisture and a built-in chamber to gather the water. It comes with the attached hook that allows it to be hung within a container or storage room.

We have been running an experiment with our Dampstick® product at MP Travel in Higher Walton, Lancashire. We wanted to see if they could be used to help prevent damp and mould build-up inside the preserved buses.

The main problem with the older buses is that they almost always smell of damp and have quite a fair bit of mould present throughout them, especially on bus’s fabric seats.

Two Dampstick® units were installed at the beginning of the experiment. After a week, the moisture that built-up on the inside of the bus had completely gone, the seats were dry and the smell of damp had also disappeared. The air was also bone dry. Only two of the Dampsticks® seem to have absorbed enough moisture to have a visible water level.

After two further weeks the Dampsticks® were all working while installed inside the preserved bus. Everything noted during the previous review still applied – the air was still very dry, there were no new damp patches or signs of mould build-up inside the bus and the seats were completely dry. The Dampsticks® gathered even more water inside them, which was to be expected after over a month of being installed.

Another update from the experiment brought us an observation that almost all of the Dampstick® units have had a fair increase in water levels. This may be due to storms Ciara and Dennis bringing heavy rain and more moisture into the air. All of the seats were still dry, no damp or condensation was present on the inside of the bus and no mould has been present since installation of the Dampsticks®.

Further weeks passed and the units had all fully filled up with water. Therefore they have been replaced with new ones. Two more boxes have been purchased from Protective Packaging Ltd to be used also on other busses.

It was a successful experience showing the Dampstick® product effectiveness even during the difficult weather conditions. MP Travel recommended the Dampstick® within the local transport businesses to help prevent the damp and mound build-up within the busses. The units can be purchased individually or in packs of eight through our website www.dampstick.com.

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