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What is the Dampstick®?

The principal of the Dampstick® is not new; Your granny used something similar in her biscuit tin lids and you have seen those little packets in New camera cases and handbag, right? Well, it is something like that but much bigger.

Using anhydrous calcium chloride as the desiccant, Dampstick® is designed to work in relatively open environments as opposed to silica gel and activated clay which must be contained within a controlled atmosphere such as a hermetically-sealed barrier foil bag.

Dampsticks’ is often used in Shipping or Storage containers to protect items throughout transport or storage.

UK REACH DUIN NO. UK-20-3664339417-80000

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How Does The Dampstick Work?

The Dampstick® begins to work as soon as you unwrap it from its high-barrier, protective sleeve. Once you have unwrapped the Dampstick®, hang it up in a strategic position. At first, you may not notice anything different. This is because the crystals need to absorb the moisture before depositing the liquid in the bottom sump section of the pole.

Depending on how much moisture the pole is coping with, will determine how long it will take for you to notice some liquid collecting in the bottom of the sump. The Dampstick® can hold in excess of 2 litres of water, so make sure that it is hung somewhere that can take that weight.

Once the liquid meets the max level it is time for a new Dampstick®! We advise that generally 4-6 poles are required for 20ft containers and 6-12 poles for 40ft containers, however, the number varies according to the length of transit, prevailing conditions and type of cargo.
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