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What is CLP and REACH Legislation?

The Dampstick® is a leading product in its class that is fully compliant with CLP and REACH Legislation. Both of these legislations focus on collecting hazard data with the purpose of ensuring a high level of protection to humans and the environment. It is the Calcium Chloride contained within the Dampstick® that is required to […]

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No More Mould

After recently buying our first home, it’s safe to say I was less than impressed to find damp earlier this year in our newly fitted built-in wardrobes! After starting here at Protective Packaging, I decided to invest in a Dampstick®. So far it has been hung in the Wardrobe for 5 weeks, I have been […]

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I bought 4 Dampstick® poles in December, fitted one in each of our two 20’ containers. They were slow to start with but are now full ( in fact well over the line of replacement ). Do you think I should exchange for the two spares now or wait until winter ?
James Baker Oxford

The Dampsticks usually appear slow to start in winter months as there is less airborne moisture, but in fact they were working straight away. Once the temperature in your containers warm to above 5 degrees they will work even faster. It’s at this point that airborne moisture materialises and the warmer the air in the […]

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FAQ: I purchased two Dampsticks in February and the one I fitted has no water in it – is it working? Do I need to swap it? My container is not wet through.

Yes, be assured it is working. If you take it down and compare the  weight you will probably notice it is heavier than the one not yet used. This is because the ‘prills’ in the upper body are still holding the moisture. During cold months Dampsticks are slower operating as the airborne moisture is not […]

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