Container Rain

“I have got Container Rain”…Oh Dear, Oh, Dear, Oh Dear…


Dampsticks’, if fitted earlier, would have prevented container rain happening, as they are a Condensation preventative application…

Dampsticks will not remove water droplets as they are designed to capture ‘airborne’ moisture not suck up water. Indeed no other de-humidifier chemical or powered will remove these droplets without increasing the air temperature to turn the droplets into airborne moisture ‘Vapour’.

What you need to do:

  1. Get a wide soft headed yard broom
  2. Drape a towel around the head of the broom
  3. Dry off the ceiling (adjusting the towel on the broom occasionally)
  4. Check the container walls (they may appear dry but can be quite wet)

When the ceiling is dry, check the stored items for any that may be holding a large amount of moisture that could have caused this situation or that may have become affected by localised dripping of the moisture.

If you find this, remove the affected items and dry elsewhere! If the container ply floor has become noticeably damp, this may take longer to remove and may require heating of the container to draw this moisture out . This can be done by using a mobile ‘Calor’ gas heater (can Be hired) or if you have power nearby, a small electric room heater with fan, (but take care when mixing electric with moisture!).

This will create a humid atmosphere (vapour) that can be either aired out by opening the doors on a dry sunny day or adding your ‘Dampsticks’ but keeping the doors closed, (the former is the fastest method)

Having done your best to remove as much damp as possible you can fit your ‘Dampstick®(s)’, which will now have a much more effective chance of controlling further outbreaks. If you try just adding Dampsticks in a ‘’container rain’’ affected container without drying it out first you are wasting your time and money!

Please read our section ‘for containers’ and follow instructions.