A Dampstick® can be used when there is any need to protect an item from atmospheric moisture, which can cause issues such as corrosion and/or rust, mould growth and dampness in fabrics and textiles.
Simply remove the calcium chloride moisture absorber from its packaging and use the hook provided to hang it in the area you want to protect from dampness, the higher the better as damp air rises.
We recommend 1 Dampstick® for every 5 cubic m2.
At least 2 litres of water.
Dispatched same day please allow 3-5 days shipping in the UK.

Yes, however we won’t be able to take payment via our website. Please contact our customer support team on 0161 976 2006 or info@protpack.com.

Yes Dampstick® is fully CLP & REACH compliant.
If you are able to get to our site in Carrington, Manchester you are more than welcome to collect.
No Dampstick® cannot be re-used.
By this stage, the anhydrous CC crystals have fully deliquesced and the pole is full of CC in solution and it is this solution that can be poured directly to drain by piercing the white windows at the top of the pole and pouring through the hole(s). The polyethylene pole can then be disposed of in the general or recyclable waste stream.

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