How to Use Your Dampstick®

First make sure you have a hook strong enough to take at least 2.5kilo’s weight to hang your Dampstick® pole from.

Stage One
1. Needs to be at least strong enough for the 2.5kg Dampstick® Pole to hang.
Stage Two
2. Read instructions and familiarise yourself with your Dampstick® Pole.

Stage Three
3. Cut open sealed plastic bag.
Stage 4
4. Remove the Dampstick® Pole from bag.

Stage Five
5. Locate hook at top of the Dampstick®. and remove from clasps.
Stage Six
6. Push hook into aperture at top of Dampstick®, making sure that when you turn 90 Degrees in anti clock wise direction, that the hook will face the wall when its hanging (it will still operate if it doesn’t but slightly less effective).

Stage Seven
7. Hang your Dampstick® up in a position that it can be easily viewed to see if its full.
Stage Eight
8. Your Dampstick® in position. When your Dampstick® is full of water, carefully remove from hanger, and dispose of contents as follows…
Stage Nine
9. Puncture the membrane covering the two top holes whilst in upright position, now hold upside down over drain or bucket and as the water starts to drain, puncture the two holes which are now uppermost, this will drain the Dampstick® quickly without splurging .
Stage Ten
10. Allow water to drain off carefully.