FAQ: I purchased two Dampsticks in February and the one I fitted has no water in it – is it working? Do I need to swap it? My container is not wet through.

Yes, be assured it is working. If you take it down and compare the  weight you will probably notice it is heavier than the one not yet used. This is because the ‘prills’ in the upper body are still holding the moisture. During cold months Dampsticks are slower operating as the airborne moisture is not as prevalent as it is in warmer months.

They only capture airborne moisture (like all dehumidifiers), which only occurs in temperatures above freezing. When the outside air temperature warms up they will operate faster. That’s why it’s best to fit a Dampstick® before the winter as they capture the moisture that is in your container and prevent that cold running condensation that is slower to remove in the winter.

Leave your Dampstick® where it is and you will notice it working much faster as the ambient  temperature warms up.
People think condensation only occurs in the winter. It doesn’t! It is with us all the time and is most prevalent in the Spring and Autumn months when you get warm days and cold nights.

Come back to us in April and let us know what you have noticed in your Dampstick® reservoir then. I bet you will be surprised!

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